Your Toyota may be one of the most reliable cars out on the road, but it will still need to be maintained at regular intervals to retain that status. On top of that, it’s needed to retain the safety, efficiency and driving pleasure of a vehicle. At Yeomans Toyota, we offer a range of flexible service plans designed to give you the best aftersales care and value for money.

►Built-in flexibility

With a Yeomans Service Plan, we offer you the ability to easily and affordably plan for regular servicing. We can tailor-make a quote to suit your Toyota’s recommended service schedule, your annual mileage and the number of years of coverage you’re looking for. If you decide to upgrade to a new vehicle before the end of this term, we can transfer the plan for no extra cost.

►What's included?

Under a Yeomans Service Plan, the complete cost of a standard servicing — including parts and labour — is covered. However, excluded from the price is normal wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads and windscreen wipers.

►No large bills to pay

You can spread the cost with easy monthly payments and no interest to pay – so you won't have to face a big bill when it's inconvenient. Alternatively, you can pay with one lump sum or add the cost to your finance agreement.

Our flexible plans mean you can spread the cost with affordable monthly payments and no interest to pay — meaning no unexpected big bills. We can even add the cost to your finance agreement, or take a lump sum payment if you would prefer. 

►Freeze your costs

As well as making it easy to budget for the cost of servicing, a Yeomans Service Plan means you may save money down the line as we freeze the costs that may otherwise rise in the future. 

►Toyota quality service

Whenever your car is in need of attention, Toyota-approved technicians are on hand to ensure your car will be serviced to the highest possible standards. With access to a range of Toyota genuine parts, we can guarantee replacement items will be a perfect fit, give your vehicle a factory-fresh feel and comply with its warranty. 

Take advantage of the Yeomans Service Plan now and stop worrying about service bills.

►What to do now

We can offer a Yeomans Service Plan for any Toyota vehicle, with costs varying depending on the model, its age and mileage. For more information on a Yeomans Service Plan, use our live chat to instantly get in touch with a member of our team or alternatively, contact your local Yeomans Toyota centre. We have locations in Brighton, Eastbourne and Worthing,