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Toyota Maintenance

Here at Yeomans Toyota, we love taking care of your car, so whenever you visit us for a Service, MOT, a pre-holiday inspection or just for an accessory, we'll carry out a Free Vehicle Health Check.

Current Maintenance Pricing*

  • Air Conditioning Service (Re-Gas Only) - From £130^
  • Air Conditioning Service (Re-Gas & Cleanse) - From £170^
  • Auto Transmission Fluid Change - From £115^
  • Brake Fluid Change (Hybrid Models) - £65^
  • Brake Fluid Change (Non-Hybrid Models) - £45^
  • Cabin Filter Replacement - £45^
  • Coolant Change (Including Inverter, where required) - From £75^
  • Fuel Filter Replacement (Petrol or Diesel) - From £45^
  • Fuel Treatment (Petrol or Diesel) - £20^
  • Gearbox Oil Replacement - From £45^
  • Differential Oil Replacement - From £45^
  • Transfer Box Oil Replacement - From £45^
  • Hybrid Health Check (including 1 year Hybrid Battery Extended Cover) - £45^
  • Spark Plug Change (Set) - From £65^
  • Wheel Alignment (Check and Report) - £50^
  • Wheel Alignment (Full Adjustment) - £95^
  • AdBlue Fluid Fill - £65^
  • Eolys Fluid Fill - £115^

*Pricing correct as of April 2019. ^ Please note the price shown is the minimum for each item. Price may vary by model.

​How to videos

Toyota have made some useful videos to show how to check and top up your oil, refill the washer fluid and so on. Simple but very useful!

How to check your oil level

This is one of the most essential checks that you can do, but it is one of the easiest! We can show you when and how to make sure your level is correct and how to add more if your engine requires it. We can also help find the oil that is perfect for your engine.

How to top up windscreen washer fluid

A dirty screen isn't just an inconvenience, it can be extremely dangerous. Checking and topping up your fluid level in the washer bottle is incredibly simple to do and it will make a huge difference to your journey.

How to change wiper blades

Worn or badly fitted wiper blades simply will not do their job adequately. This can obscure your view and make driving very dangerous. We can show you how to check for signs of wear and how to replace them.

How to change a wheel on your Toyota

Modern tyres are incredibly durable, but it is still sensible to regularly check the condition of your spare (and if you indeed have on!).

How to use a tyre repair kit

Driving over poor road surfaces, sharp objects or debris can damage even the newest of tyres. A tyre repair kit can minimise the disruption to your journey (but do make sure that you get any damage checked as soon as possible).

Repair Manuals

Need more information, you can access all of Toyota's repair documentation online.

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