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We think, there is always more we can do for not only your car but you and your safety. When you bring in your Toyota to us, whatever the reason, we will carry out a free safety check of the vehicle for you. This ensures that there is nothing on your car that needs urgent attention. If there is, we will inform you immediately in our report.

At Yeomans Toyota, we think there’s always more we can do for both the condition of your car and more importantly, your safety behind the wheel. No matter the reason for you bringing in your Toyota to us, we’ll carry out a free safety check to ensure there is nothing on your car in need of urgent attention. If an issue arises, we’ll inform you immediately and discuss steps to rectify any problem.


Tyres — we’ll inspect the tread of each tyre to ensure that it meets the minimum legal requirements, while also checking for any signs of unusual wear or damage

Windscreen — we’ll inspect your windscreen for any chips, scratches or cracks that may have occurred

Wipers — we’ll inspect your wiper blades to ensure they’re effectively cleaning the windscreen, while also testing the mechanisms to ensure they’re operating smoothly

Lights — every light on the car will be tested to ensure there’s no bulbs out or other damage, and that all are in good working order

Bodywork — we’ll look for any damage to the paint or bodywork that could result in a more costly bill down the line if left untreated now

Floor mats — we’ll check your floor mats to ensure they’re correctly fitted and are not threatening to interfere with the foot pedals