Relaxing by the app: Keep Calm While Driving

Driving itself can be an everyday stress with the hassle of traffic but there are a range of apps available to help us both inside and outside the car.

There are times when driving is not a simple pleasurable experience even when the sound of the engine is music to the ears of car lovers. Traffic noise, jams, road rage, agitated drivers and passengers can add to the daily stress of driving. With safety as one of the must haves when driving, remaining calm and safe is key!

Certain behaviours such as stress and anger can alter the way people behave and respond behind the wheel, which can result in dangerous driving. According to research within the UK, drivers who lose their concentration on the road is mainly due to inconsiderate behaviour by others. This is closely followed by other reasons such as personal issues and work-related stress/problems.

Digital solution at your fingertips

There is a solution at our fingertips that will reduce our stress levels behind the wheel. 

Thanks to modern technology we are now able to sync our smart phones to our cars through onboard consoles and through digital networks that are now available even when travelling. Android and Apple CarPlay both allow users to connect their phones to their cars to control features through the navigation screen.​

​Some of the apps should only be used before setting off on your drive to take the stress out of your journey!

Digital solutions at your fingertips
Crafting a purposeful commute


​Driving is a time where we can take a break from our digital sphere, but now we can remain connected with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The app similar to allows you to see how many times you check your phone throughout the day. With OFFTIME you can go that one step further with your connectivity so you can devote your time to work, family and of course some 'me time'. 

You too can block calls, texts and notifications, set goals, reminders or restrict access to apps that distract you!


Taking a deep breath could be the answer to your stress levels when stuck in endless tailback traffic. Breathe2Relax is a portable stress management tool and shows you hands-on diaphragmatic breathing exercises created to reduce stress, improve your mood and control your anger and anxiety.

This is available on both IOS and Android

Google Maps

A peak element of stress is not knowing where you are driving to. Hyundai cars are equipped with navigation systems, however, the owners of the New KONA with Display Audio can use Apple CarPlay Auto without purchasing a navigation system. As Google Maps allows drivers to plan their route with immediate traffic updates, explore areas of interest and even use Maps offline on their device.


Do you lose patience when looking for a spot to park? There are a number of apps available that can locate suitable car parks and provide pricing. Apps just like JustPark allow you to book your space in a advance and pay online allowing you to drive to your destination without the hassle of searching for a space.

Find my Car

Have you ever parked your car and forgotten where you parked it? Well, there a number of apps available which uses GPS in your phone to locate your car and guide you back to your vehicle, saving you time and embarrassment. Available on IOS.

WhatGas Petrol Prices

Are you a bargain hunter? Are you always noting down your cheapest petrol station nearest to you? The creators of WhatGas claim they have data for over 50,000 filling stations around the world. Please do take into consideration that the accuracy of pricing can depending on updating users through its handy tool to locate a nearby feeling spot.

Radio and Podcasts

Improve your mood by playing your favourite music while driving. Fun fact! Did you know the beat of the music can affect your driving behaviour?For example, a low beat and soothing effect can prevent drivers feeling rushed or irritable. Music apps available today like Apple Music and Spotify allows you to create playlists which cans sooth your driving experience.

Hyundai Fuel Cell App

The Hyundai Fuel Cell App for IOS and Android shows drivers of the ix35 Fuel Cell and any other fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) the way to hydrogen refuelling stations across Europe. This will include live information on the availability of the stations.

The app's Remote Diagnostics function records distance, speed and used hydrogen fuel, which provide drivers with real-time notifications and navigation via Google Maps.