Hyundai Hybrid

With electrification on the lips of the industry, it’s no wonder that Hyundai is one of the manufacturers leading the charge to more eco-friendly cars.

Here at Teomans Hyundai, we stock the latest range of all-electric and electrified vehicles from Hyundai.

Key to its offensive is the Hyundai IONIQ, available as a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid or Electric model. Opt for an IONIQ Hybrid, and you can expect an impressive 62.8mpg (WLTP Combined) return in efficiency — with just 85g/km of CO2 emissions in 1st Edition and Premium SE trims.

With the IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid, 39 miles of emissions-free driving is possible while 256.8mpg (WLTP Combined) is achievable with both the electric motor and 1.6-litre GDi engine working in harmony.

Range anxiety is a thing of the past thanks to the IONIQ Electric’s remarkable 193 mile capability between plug-in points — while its 295Nm of torque is also available instantly to deliver impressive acceleration. When you do need to charge, a 100kW charger will take the battery from flat to 80% within an hour.

With the head-turning Hyundai KONA, there’s the choice of a hybrid model or the battery-powered Electric. Opt for the latter in its 64kWh motor variant, a 279 mile (WLTP) range between charges means range anxiety is almost eliminated, though recharging from flat to 80% takes just 75 minutes using a over a 50kW rapid charging unit

Really want to take a step in the future? Take a look at the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo. This fuel-cell vehicle can be filled up almost like a petrol car at a hydrogen fuel pump, yet emits nothing but water.