Why Go Electric? We at Yeomans Peugeot are proud to be able to support motorists in finding the ideal solution at all times. As such, we’ll be able to help you make the change from petrol/diesel power to electric, advising on all the benefits and opportunities such a switch brings.

The benefits of buying an electric or hybrid car

There’s a number of advantages to making the change from petrol/diesel power to electric, making the switch more than appealing to all. For example, by going electric, you will be able to take advantage of running costs as low as 2-4p per mile.

The types of electric and hybrid vehicles explained

Choosing the right type of vehicle is essential when making the move away from petrol or diesel power. With a number of options available, it’s important to be able to understand the specifics of each and thus find a solution that best suits you.

100% electric

More and more electric vehicle options are becoming available, with each featuring high capacity lithium-ion batteries that power the model. These need charging at suitable outlets and emit zero harmful CO2 emissions.

Plug-in hybrid

Combining a battery-powered motor with a traditional combustion engine, a plug-in hybrid switches from one to the other seamlessly. As such, you can enjoy limited emissions-free motoring and better overall economy.


Self-charging hybrid models feature a battery that obtains its charge from technology known as regenerative braking. This converts energy normally lost when braking into an electrical charge for the battery.

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It’s understandable to have questions regarding electric vehicles, which is why we’re delighted to provide our frequently asked questions section. Take a look below or get in touch with the team at Yeomans Peugeot for further details.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

The charging time of an electric vehicle varies from model to model. Similarly, depending on how you charge the vehicle - whether from a traditional outlet, a dedicated wallbox, or a public charging point - the overall time will differ. Speak to our sales advisors at the time of purchasing for details.

Are electric cars expensive to run?

No. In fact, the cost per mile of an electric vehicle is between 2-4p. Plus, there’s no road tax and lower maintenance fees.

Will an electric car suit my lifestyle?

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Yes. After all, electric cars come with incredible design and technology as standard, meaning they can rise to any challenge they face.

How do I charge an electric car?

Public and private charging stations are available to keep your vehicle topped up, so you will always be able to charge your model quickly and affordably.

Where are my nearest electric vehicle charging points?

By accessing Zap Map, you will be able to locate the nearest charging station to you at any time, with thousands upon thousands of charging points available throughout the UK.

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