01 Peugeot 508 With the New PEUGEOT 508, PEUGEOT introduced new levels of style, luxury, and refinement to the saloon car market, and the all-new GT takes that further – check out the New PEUGEOT 508 range available to buy now at Yeomans in Eastbourne or Worthing.
02 Exterior design The essence of uncompromised design comes alive in the New PEUGEOT 508, a saloon car full of timeless elegance. Clean body lines seamlessly blend with the sophistication of frameless doors, creating a harmonious and captivating visual appeal. Meticulously balanced proportions and carefully crafted details make this top-of-the-range hatchback a true standout within the New PEUGEOT range. Prepare to embark on a journey where every element has been carefully considered.
05 Safety & technology Drive confidently with the New PEUGEOT 508, where safety and technology harmoniously converge to create an unparalleled driving experience. Experience enhanced safety while driving with the New PEUGEOT508, equipped with cutting-edge Infrared cameras and night vision technology for optimal visibility. The integration of PEUGEOT Matrix LED technology ensures excellent illumination, while the addition of full LED rear lights with signature scrolling indicators further enhances visibility to other road users. Enjoy peace of mind with front and rear parking aids, which make maneuvering effortless even in tight spaces.