01 PEUGEOT E-2008 The PEUGEOT e-2008 represents just part of the award-winning lineup of SUVs from the acclaimed manufacturer. However, in offering all-electric engine performance, this latest edition embraces the latest in innovation and engineering, with the zero-emissions motoring on offer both clean and economical. The model is practical and flexible too, with its ample dimensions making it the perfect solution for family motorists, and offering more than enough storage in the rear for all your transportation needs.
02 Exterior design With a look that is striking and refined, the e-2008 has a head-turning appeal that will impress the most discerning of motorists. Fluid, flowing lines and a striking front grille are standout features, while the raised ground clearance, large alloy wheels, and gloss black connecting strip at the rear are additional measures that are new to the vehicle. With the distinctive lighting signature at the front and the rear, a bold palette of colour schemes, and the panoramic opening glass roof, this is a model that really does capture attention wherever it goes.
05 Safety & technology With SUVs among the most popular vehicles for family motorists, it’s no surprise that the latest e-2008 comes packed with safety measures for complete peace of mind. PEUGEOT Drive Assist provides a semi-autonomous driving experience, with road sign recognition, speed regulation and trajectory monitoring helping keep you on track. Should you require assistance with slotting into the tightest of parking spots, the Full Park Assist option will control steering to guide you effortlessly into the space. Of course, the e-2008 is also equipped with the latest in infotainment systems, meaning you can connect to your smartphone with ease.