Brake Fluid Service | East Sussex & West Sussex | Yeomans Nissan


Brake fluid is the vital component in your car which helps ensure you can stop when you need to. But over time this fluid deteriorates, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere which can cause corrosion to your precious brake system components. It also makes the pedal feel soft and reduces the stopping performance of your car.
When you have your brakes serviced at Yeomans, this fluid is drained and refreshed with new.
Nissan models need their brakes servicing at different times, and the best way to find out how often you need to get yours serviced is to check your service book or ask one of the experts at Yeomans.
At Yeomans Nissan, our technicians are expert trained, so you can rely on them to make sure your brakes keep you safe. Why entrust something so important to anyone else?
To book an appointment for your car, contact us today over the phone or online. We price-match competitor quotes within a 10-mile radius, so feel free to ask us for a quote.