Why Go Electric? We at Yeomans Nissan are proud to be able to support motorists in finding the ideal solution at all times. As such, we’ll be able to help you make the change from petrol/diesel power to electric, advising on all the benefits and opportunities such a switch brings.

The benefits of buying an electric or hybrid car

Making the change to electric or hybrid motoring enables you to take advantage of a number of benefits. For example, the running costs of an electric vehicle are between 2-4p per mile - a significant reduction compared to fuel-powered models. What’s more, there’s fewer mechanical issues due to the absence of a regular engine, and no road tax to be paid. Plus, with more and more models becoming available, purchase prices are falling and thus you can secure an even better deal when buying. ​

The types of electric and hybrid vehicles explained

Moving from a traditional fuel engine to one powered by electric is a big change for many, so understanding the various options that are available is key. Learn more about the vehicle types currently ready to buy through Yeomans Nissan today. 

100% electric

As the cleanest and most efficient option around, a 100% electric car runs on battery power alone. Charged via a suitable outlet, the lithium-ion battery provides impressive driving range, and also emits zero CO2 gases into the environment. 

Plug-in hybrid

A plug-in hybrid is one that can offer limited all-electric motoring from its battery-powered motor. The rest of the time, the vehicle operates via a traditional petrol or diesel engine, switching seamlessly between the two modes. 


A self-charging hybrid differs from the plug-in in that it simply complements the combustion engine as opposed to powering the vehicle solely. It also benefits from regenerative braking to generate an electrical charge for the battery. 

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Our frequently asked questions seek to answer any additional queries you might have about electric vehicles, so look through them today. If your question still isn’t answered in full, feel free to liaise with a member of the Yeomans Nissan team directly.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

The overall charging time for an electric vehicle varies according to make and model, as well as the charging solution being used. As such, you should liaise with our sales advisors prior to purchase for full details on charging times.

Are electric cars expensive to run?

Not at all. In fact, at 2-4p per mile, they represent exceptional value for money. Plus, you don’t have to pay road tax and maintenance fees are cheaper compared to petrol/diesel options.

Will an electric car suit my lifestyle?

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Absolutely. Not only do electric cars provide incredible, emissions-free performance, but they also come packed with cutting-edge technology and some of the most eye-catching designs available.

How do I charge an electric car?

You can charge your electric vehicle both at home and at public charging points. Whether you’re using the cables provided or faster charging solutions, our sales advisors will be able to detail the many options available to you.

Where are my nearest electric vehicle charging points?

There’s already thousands of vehicle charging points throughout the UK, with many more being added all the time. You can access details on the nearest charging point by visiting Zap Map today.

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