Our service departments are the best people to look after your Nissan. Not only are they Nissan-trained to ensure they know how to keep your car in tip-top condition but they will ensure that the very best parts are used to, so it continues to perform as Nissan intended.
Keeping to the manufacturer-approved service schedule is also one of the conditions of the warranty, too, so don’t take the risk of having your car worked on anywhere else.

Your options are to either have your Nissan serviced at set time intervals or once you’ve covered a certain number of miles. We can provide tailored service plans for cars that are 12 months, 24 months and 36 months old, maintaining their safety and reliability and making sure the warranty is validated.

With our 30-point Vehicle Health Check, which includes tread depth and steering inspections, you can be sure your car is comprehensively tested.

No matter which repair or maintenance services you need, our team will adapt each service to your Nissan model using our expertise and Nissan training. We know your car inside out and Nissan recommends its dealer network and their certified Nissan technicians to use Nissan Genuine replacement parts to maintain and repair your vehicle.

At every service, we’ll replace your engine oil and filter (except on electric cars, of course!) - and once your car’s 24 months old, we’ll also change the brake fluid if required, to ensure it does not become degraded.

To book online for Nissan servicing at Yeomans tailored to your car, just click through to our quick and simple five-step booking form. Alternatively, give our Aftersales Team a call on 0844 692 1187 for Bognor Regis, 0844 692 1169 for Eastbourne, 0844 692 1177 for Worthing and Portsmouth. We look forward to hearing from you!