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There’s no doubt that air conditioning is one of the best luxuries to appear on cars in recent years, providing cool, air in summer and better demisting in wet and cold weather But it’s crucial to have your air conditioning unit serviced regularly.

Over time, dust and bacteria in the unit build up causing it to smell as it releases the air into the car. There are a number of liquids, filters and components in the system that help it to stay fresher for longer, but they do need replacing regularly. Without timely servicing, your air conditioning unit may not work efficiently, making it harder to get your car cool or warm as you wish.

At Yeomans Nissan, we can service your air conditioning to keep it fresh and working properly. During the service, we will recharge the air conditioning gas, replace the compressor oil, add an antibacterial disinfectant and replace the pollen filter which helps keep dust out of the car. These all help to make your air conditioning work as you expect and to stop it from failing in the future.

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