No matter how hard we try to keep a car pristine, daily use will inevitably see minor dents, scuffs and chips appear over time. Typically, this is an annoying occurrence we either have to choose to live with or fork out over the odds for a repair. With Hyundai SMART Care, though, we’re here to help keep your pride-and-joy in its best condition. If any minor damage happens, our trained Yeomans technicians can easily repair it at an affordable cost.


With Hyundai SMART Care, the whole of your car is covered for minor paintwork damage caused by stone chips. The majority of your vehicle (bonnet and roof excluded) is also covered for dents, scuffs, scratches and chips.

For damage to be classified as minor, it must come under the following:

  • Scratches and scuffs up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm deep
  • Dents up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm deep
  • Vulnerable panels including front and rear valances
  • Stone chips up to 5mm in diameter and 1.5mm deep


With a Hyundai SMART Care package, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Professional repairs for minor body damage
  • Up to 30 days to register your claim
  • Potential to maximise the resale value of your Hyundai
  • No effect on your insurance or no claims bonus

For more information on a Hyundai SMART Care package and for a quotation, call our sales team on 01424 237194 who will be happy to assist.

Hyundai SMART Care