• Technology developed by NASA 
  • Approved by Boeing 
  • A MASSIVE advance in surface protection

Before driving off in your brand new Hyundai, we at Yeomans Hyundai can apply GEN-3 Glasscoat ceramic protection to ensure it will look as good as the day you bought it for the rest of your ownership.

The technology behind ceramic protection has been developed by NASA and is approved by Boeing for aviation use, and it works to prevent damage to the paintwork of your car and make cleaning it a simple task. This new formula applies a thin invisible coating to your car to protect it from acid rain, solvents, road salt and other daily issues* that would otherwise damage the paintwork.

It also prevents dirt and grime sticking to the paintwork, making these nasty substances easily removable when washing the car.

GEN-3 Glasscoat is one of many innovative and technically-superior products supplied under licence by Paintseal Europe Limited.
Our skilled technicians at Yeomans Hyundai can apply GEN-3 Glasscoat to your vehicle before delivery, or to your existing car. Get in touch today on 01424 237194 for more information.

*Excludes: neglect, misuse or deliberate damage.