In the event of major damage to your car, it could be written off by your insurer and leave you out of pocket against the purchase of a new vehicle. That’s where Hyundai Asset Protection comes in.

It’s designed to cover a gap in funding between the market value of your car deemed by your insurer at the time of payout and what you originally paid for the car. This ensures you’re not losing out on vehicle quality should an incident occur.


As part of Hyundai Asset Protection, you are eligible for the following:

  • Up to 3 years' cover (36 months)
  • Up to £75,000 Net Invoice Price covered
  • No maximum claim limit up to the Net Invoice Price of your vehicle


Original purchase priceValue of car at the time it's written offInsurer paysHyundai Asset Protection PaysCustomer pays
£15,000 £8,000 £8,000 £7,000 £0*

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#Plus additional limited cover in months 37 to 48 if your vehicle is subject to a finance agreement with a term greater than 36 months.

*Net Invoice Price - the amount that you have paid for the vehicle itself, excluding non-dealer fitted options and extras such as the road fund licence, or negative equity.

Hyundai Asset Protection