27 September 2017

Hyundai Skill Olympics: Searching for better service

27 September 2017 - Hyundai Motor's biennial World Skill Olympics pits the company's automotive service experts and technicians against one another in various competitions and tests.

Hyundai annually conducts a series of national training programmes for their technicians to systematically refresh and upgrade their skills ensuring they are accustomed with the latest technological developments in the automotive industry.

Hyundai World Skill Olympics

Held since 1995, the Hyundai World Skill Olympics are a biennial, aiming to improve technicians’ skills through systematic training and by sharing updated service information in an individual and interactive environment. The epitome of the competition is to improve the technical expertise at Hyundai service centres internationally, which serves to boost overall customer satisfaction with strengthened practical and theoretical knowledge.

The Hyundai World Olympians

​The Hyundai World Skill Olympians, participate from all over the world. 2013, saw a total of 145 taking part, including 87 specialists from 54 countries, and the gold medal was awarded to California Hyundai technician Jason Emerson from the United States. 2015’s competition took place over five days and a total of  55 countries entered150 participants. Ilya Kylystov, a service specialist from Russia, received a gold medal, topping the competition.

Competitors gathered at Hyundai Motor’s Technical Center in Korea, completing a written examination in addition to performing their latest techniques in an Olympic-style competition, which included practical evaluations of engines, electric devices, chassis, automatic transmission and other automotive components.

Hyundai Motor’s European Skill Competition

Further to the World Skill Olympics, Hyundai Motor also hosts a European Skill Competition to determine the best Hyundai technician on the continent. In October 2016, technician Kevin Mark Rule from the United Kingdom emerged victorious, from the competition. There were 19 participants from countries across Europe that took part, enduring two challenging competition days in Frankfurt am Main and completing theoretical and practical challenges demonstrating outstanding technical expertise. Kevin will compete in the 2017 World Skill Olympics later this year.

The Hyundai World Olympians Hyundai Motor
Share UK technician Kevin Mark Rule (centre) was crowned Europe's best Hyundai technician in 2016