Hybrid FAQs

Hybrid vehicles have various differences to conventional combustion engines, meaning there is often some confusion about the way they work, as well as costs, charging, maintenaince and performance. Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions to help our customers understand the Yeomans hybrid range.

Should I buy the Plug-in hybrid car or Electric car?

The decision between both depends on your wants and needs, driving habits as well as charging access. An example of this would be: if you drive long distances frequently then a hybrid vehicle would most likely suit you best, as you wouldn't have to stop to recharge like you would in an electric vehicle.

How does a plug-in hybrid car work?

Plug-in hybrid cars are a combination of an electric car and a petrol engine car. A hybrid vehicle uses two sources of power: a petrol engine and one or two electric motors with a battery and external charging port. There is a difference between a full hybrid car and a plug-in hybrid car, a plug-in hybrid car must be plugged in to recharge the battery but can travel significantly further in electric mode than full hybrids.

In comparison to petrol engines do plug-in hybrid vehicles emit less CO2?

By charging your hybrid vehicle’s battery regularly you can drive up to 39 miles in electric mode with no CO2 exhaust emissions. To optimise CO2 emissions, choose driving in 100% electric mode for daily driving.

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