Electric & Hybrid at Yeomans

At Yeomans, our brands offer a wide range of electric and hybrid models - from hatchbacks, saloons, estates and SUVs, we are certain you will find the perfct model to suit your lifestyle. Plus, there are many benefits of switching to hybrid and electric powertrains. That's why at Yeomans, we want to show our customers how easy and beneficial switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle is at our centers.

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Electric cars available at Yeomans, offer a new sleek and sporty design, sensual curves, low stance and bright, original body colours add to the attractiveness. In terms of driving experience, electric cars offer a lively and stimulating drive thanks to the full electric powertrain. With exceptional range, impressive charge times and zero CO2 emissions the electric range available at Yeomans are perfect for your everyday vehicle.


Hybrid cars at Yeomans combine the advantages of an electric car with a petrol car in one vehicle. A hybrid car uses power from two sources: either one or two electric motors with a battery and external charging point. With a vast range to choose from in the hybrid range at Yeomans, all featuring innovative technology and intelligent driver convenience, there is sure to be something for everyone.


Visit your local Yeomans dealership to find out more about the impressive electric and hybrid range or call us using the contact details below.