Benefits Of Hybrid

Hybrid cars have many features that are beneficial when it comes to owning one. One benefit is the cost difference of owning a hybrid, with a 40% saving of average fuel consumption compared to its combustion version. Driving is now more pleasurable, with no engine noise, reduced vibration and immediate torque allows for sharper accelerations.

Enjoyable Driving

  • ​Smooth jolt-free driving
  • Sharp acceleration and immediate torque
  • No engine noise
  • Reduced vibration
  • Impressive mile range in 100% electric mode

Reduced Costs

  • ​40% average fuel consumption savings when compared with the combustion variant.
  • Zero exhaust emissions when driving in electric mode
  • Impressive warranties

Effortless To Use

  • Accelerated charging with a variety of ways to charge
  • Real-time information on your journey
  • Simple yet intelligent
  • Just as thrilling as combustion engines

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