01 Introducing the DS 7 Crossback As DS’s first standalone model, the DS 7 CROSSBACK perfectly paved the way for this new wave of DS models – invigorating this luxurious French brand. As a large SUV, the DS 7 CROSSBACK is impressively practical, while its bold design and outstanding technology really makes it stand out next to many of its rivals.
02 Exciting exterior DS is known for its bold-looking models, and the DS 3 CROSSBACK continues to follow this path. It looks different to just about every other SUV on sale today – a testament to DS’s quest to be different. Highlights are the intricate rear lights that look like they’ve been threaded into the car, as well as the swivelling LED front lights. This is a car all about the details, and the longer you spend with this SUV, the more intricate elements you notice.
05 Safety & technology Few cars are as technologically advanced in this segment as the DS 7 CROSSBACK, with standard features including a huge 12-inch HD touchscreen including adaptive LED headlights and a large instrument cluster. Another innovative touch is the complex suspension system, which can scan the road ahead for potholes and adjust accordingly – a very useful feature on the UK’s roads.