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Over 30 million people in Europe suffer from kinetosis, more commonly known as travel or motion sickness. One in three people, regardless of age, experience travel sickness at least once in their lives, on a boat, car, bus or plane.

Easy to use, Seetroën glasses provide a solution to travel sickness.

SEETROËN is a solution for anyone who suffers with travel sickness. The glasses use Boarding Ring™ technology, initially developed for sailors in the French Navy, and contain a coloured liquid that recreates the horizon line to resolve conflict between the senses. It works too, the patented and tested paramedical solution has an efficacy rating of 95%.

Seetroën glasses can be used in cars, as well as on buses, trains and planes.

> Put on the glasses as soon as you experience the initial symptoms.
> After 10 to 12 minutes, the glasses allow the mind to resynchronise with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes were focused on an immobile object such as a smartphone or a book.
> Take the Seetroën glasses off and enjoy the rest of your journey.

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