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Citroën Elect 3 Finance

If you want a new Citroën car every two or three years with monthly payments structured to suit your budget, Elect 3 is for you. With Elect 3, you pay a deposit, between 10% and 35% of the vehicle price and then fixed monthly payments over a term of 25, 31 or 37 months. Best of all there's no need to worry about the car's future value as we'll guarantee it.

Elect one of three options at the end of the agreement to suit your own particular needs. You can make the final payment and own the car out right, return the car to Citroën or part exchange your vehicle for a new Citroën using any equity as the deposit with a new Elect 3 package.

Elect 3 Finance Brochure

For more information about Citroen Purchase Plan Finance please contact Yeomans Exeter, Fareham, Plymouth or Torquay.