New Hydrogen SUV paints pictures for the future of Hyundai

Hyundai has unveiled its next generation fuel cell vehicle, well ahead of the hydrogen-powered SUV's official launch early next year.

The near production ready version is yet to be named and released, but Hyundai says it demonstrates the brand's focus to the new era of advanced eco-friendly vehicle development. The second commercially produced hydrogen model from Hyundai uses their fourth generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The new model promises to enhance fuel economy due to improved fuel cell performance that should result in a range of 500 miles. The performance would be improved with the new SUV boosting 163PS of power.

Significant improvements in the tank density have been made to the new vehicle. The tank package will now feature three similar sized tanks rather than two different sized ones.

New Hydrogen SUV

In Hyundai's hydrogen power range, the advanced driver assistance technologies will also be available. All details of the new ADAS features will be announced in January at the 2018 CES, along with the official model name.

Hyundai claims the new vehicle expresses pure and serene design reflecting its claiming presence on the road. It will exhibit a confident, charismatic SUV stance reflecting its capabilities to travel long distances and explore more remote places whilst being in sync with nature.​