What is a Hybrid Car?

Get with the new way of driving with the Toyota Hybrid cars to save fuel, reduce emissions and recharge your batteries without being plugged in! They're not as complicated to own as you think as they're designed to make your life easier. Find out everything you need to know about a hybrid car and how they work right here.

Life is easier with Hybrid

Driving a Hybrid car isn't as complicated as you think. See how Toyota's designed them to be as easy to live with as any other conventional car.

Double the power, double the response

Toyota's Hybrids comprises of two engines: one petrol, one electric. These two engines work together to smooth power and responsive torque as and when you need it. If you need any extra performance either when you're overtaking, simply press the Power button and enjoy an immediate response.

Intelligent power whatever the journey

Uphill and overtaking - Get maximum performance with both engines working together.

Deceleration and Braking - Kinetic energy is recycled in the system to recharge the battery.

Standstill - Waste no energy when idling as both engines are automatically switched off

What is a Hybrid car's fuel economy like?

On most cars nowadays, driving in the city increases fuel costs. Hybrids don't behave like most cars as they recycle energy and have two engines working together to deliver figures as low as 3 litres of petrol consumers per 100km. This can be further reduced when driving in eco mode and if you want to eliminate that figure entirely then select electric EV-mode, go gentle on the pedal and will not use a single drop when accelerating up to 50km/h.

A quiet feeling of tranquillity

You will notice something quite unique when you select the EV-mode on Toyota's Hybrid cars, nothing at all! The silence and sheer tranquility of the engine is something you've never experienced. Electric EV-mode will produce zero emissions and provides an ultra-smooth ride.

Low emission you can't ignore

Toyota's Hybrid cars emissions start as small as 70g per km which is the perfect combination of an electric and petrol engine for a family car. when driving in electric EV-mode you can drive up to 50km/h without producing any emissions, you will even find more C02 in a balloon!

Plug-in for even more zero-emission journeys

A plug-in Hybrid is essentially an electric car and a Hybrid rolled into one. With all the benefits of a Hybrid model, but boasting an extended electric driving range for a more economical drive. A plug-in Hybrid is kinder to the environment and to your wallet.


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