It’s what your car would choose!

Helping keep your car in showroom condition

Nothing can beat that new car feeling. Pristine and unmarked. Unfortunately, driving on the busy roads, manoeuvring in cramped car parks and avoiding the pot holes are all part of our everyday driving.

It might be a stone chip, someone carelessly opening a door or a brush with your alloy wheel on that high kerb which soon takes its toll on your car's appearance.

In the past, you may have paid to take your car to the body shop or made an insurance claim. But what if we can show you a way of keeping that showroom feel without having to pay, or risk losing your motor insurance no-claims bonus for a small repair?

SMART Care is a ‘ Small and Medium Area Repair Technique’ and uses the latest paint technology, alloy wheel refurbishment and paintless dent removal processes to restore your car to that showroom feel.

So you don’t have to put up with annoying chips and dents, scuffed bumpers or unsightly damaged wheels. It only takes one call to arrange for expert repairs, which usually take less than a day and help you to keep on the road.

It is the Smart way to help keep your car in immaculate condition, protect your insurance no claims bonus and maximise its resale value when you’re ready to change.

What does Smart Care cover?

Professional repairs to vehicle body work:

  • Stone Chip up to 1.5cm in diameter and 3mm in length
  • Scratches up to 300mm in length, 3mm in depth and sit within two body panels
  • Minor Dent up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm in depth
  • Bumper scuff up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm in depth
  • Professional repairs to alloy wheels:
  • Cosmetic repairs to kerbed, scratched or dented alloy wheels including Diamond and laser cut finishes
  • SMART Care is available for new and used vehicles and cover for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Significant Exclusions

You will not be covered for damage:

  • that extends over more than two body panels
  • that occurs before the start date
  • to self-healing paint, body wrap, chrome illusion paint (two tone paint finish), matt paint or bespoke paints,
  • that cannot be defined as a Chip, Light Scratch, Minor Dent, Scuffed Bumper, scratched or kerbed alloy wheel
  • caused by rust, hail, bird droppings and tree sap
  • Any body panel or bumper, or part of a panel or bumper that has been cracked, ripped, torn, or perforated
  • The replacement of any body panel or bumper, or part of a panel or bumper.

Questions regarding your cover...

1. Who is covered under the policy?

The vehicle is covered regardless of the driver.

2. Does the policy cover more than one car?

No, only the vehicle shown on the policy certificate is covered

3. How do I make a claim?

The claims process is quick and easy. If you become aware of any damage simply call the support team on 0114 321 9883 within 30 days and they will guide you through the claims process. Please have your Registration number at hand.

4. How many SMART claims can I make?

You can make up to 5 claims per year. 5 claims with 1 year cover, 10 claims with 2 year cover and 15 claims with 3 year cover.

5. Are Diamond Cut alloy wheels covered?

Yes. Some designs and finishes however will require the alloy wheel to be sent to a specialist repairer.

6. Is there a policy excess?

There is a £10 excess on each claim.

7. What about my Motor Insurance no claims bonus?

Claiming on your SMART Care policy will not affect your Motor Insurance no claims bonus.

8. What is not covered under the SMART Care policy?

Damage: sustained to the body work or alloy wheels prior to purchase policy start date; which exceeds the maximum permitted area; to glass, light units, decals chrome effect or beading; panels or bumpers which are perforated or cracked; beyond the scope of a SMART repair.

9. Can I transfer my SMART Care policy?

Yes, if you sell your car the balance of the policy can be transferred to a new vehicle. An administration fee will be applied.

10. Can I cancel my SMART Care policy?

If you cancel within the first 14 days and have not made a claim, you will receive a full refund. You are entitled to a pro rata refund after 14 days provided you have not made a claim. An administration fee will be applied.

11. Are the repairs guaranteed?

All repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of your ownership.

Which panels of my car are covered?

For more details about the Smart Care Plan contact your nearest Yeomans Toyota centre.

Brighton Toyota 01273 582 428
Eastbourne Toyota01323 505025
Worthing Toyota 01903 694499