Yeomans Service Plans

To keep your car reliable and in top working order, it needs regular servicing. Doing so in line with the manufacturer’s schedule is not just a condition of keeping its warranty valid, it’s also the best way to make sure your car remains safe, efficient, and a pleasure to drive for years to come. What’s more, when you sell your vehicle, a full main-dealer service history will usually add considerably to its value.

We offer the Yeomans Service Plan, which comes with built-in flexibility. We’ll give you a tailor-made quote that fits your vehicle’s specific service schedule, taking into account your annual mileage and how many years you want cover. And, if you sell the car before the end of the term, you can transfer it to your new vehicle for a small admin charge.

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What’s included? The complete cost of your standard servicing, including parts and labour, but excluding normal wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads and windscreen wipers.

Spread the cost. No one likes a large bill to pay in one chunk, which is why we offer you the flexibility to spread the cost of your service plan across easy monthly payments. You can also pay in one lump sum if you’d prefer, or add the cost to your finance agreement.

Price freeze. Budgeting for your servicing is easy because the cost remains the same throughout the term – so even if the price rises, you won’t pay a penny extra.

Quality assured. Whenever your car needs attention, manufacturer-trained technicians will be on hand so you can be sure all repairs are of the highest standard. Our team has access to the full range of genuine parts to ensure a perfect fit in full compliance with the terms of the vehicle warranty. What could be more attractive to a future buyer than a full service book stamped by an official main dealer?

Stop worrying about service bills and buy a Yeomans Service Plan today! Click here to get your own personalised quote.