SEAT Maintenance
Why use genuine oil?

Authentic Oil utilises a thinner viscosity to enable your car to operate optimally, reducing friction and safeguarding your engine even in extreme performance conditions. Through the innovative gas-to-liquid technology, a method converting natural gas into crystal-clear base oil with minimal impurities compared to crude oil, it produces a base oil that offers superior viscosity, friction, and volatility performance compared to conventional base oils.

The Genuine Oil range complies with the approvals and recommendations for the entire SEAT range.

Do you need to top-up your oil?

SEAT recommend using Genuine Oil when you top up your oil level. Check your oil level regularly to maintain engine performance between servicing. If necessary top up your oil.

  • With today’s demanding driving conditions, it is more vital than ever to check your oil regularly
  • If you wait until the oil light comes on it is often too late
  • Always top up with the correct specification of oil - contact us today if you are unsure
  • Low oil levels or topping up with the wrong oil can potentially cause damage to your engine

For more information and if you need to discuss which oil your SEAT models requires, please contact us today on 01278 226491 .

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