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Genuine Peugeot Accessories at Yeomans Bexhill, Eastbourne & Worthing

To make your Peugeot even more personal to you, Yeomans offers a huge range of official accessories. You can customise the inside and outside of your model with our approved parts and exclusive items.

No matter what you're looking for - extra storage, design additions or new alloys - we can help. Just ask if you need a new item fitted to your Peugeot, and one of our technicians will be happy to help. Made to the same high quality as its cars, every Peugeot part fits perfectly.

Why not visit our new online Parts and Accessories Shop?

Our online shop stocks thousands of accessories from mats to alloy wheels. You can browse the complete range of Peugeot accessories which we stock, view prices, and order online. We also provide access to the original Accessories Brochures for each Peugeot model, allowing you to choose the perfect product.

Peugeot DAB Digital Radio Upgrades

Is your Peugeot ready for Digital?

DAB radio is set to replace the traditonal analogue radio which is used by the majority of Peugeot models on the road at the moment. Although many new Peugeot models come ready for digital, older cars may not be able to receive digital automatically.

Ezi-DAB and Auto-DAB accessories are Peugeot aftermarket accessories which will allow you to continue to listen to radio in your car after the switchover. Watch the video to find out more.

Peugeot Accessory Videos

In addition to browsing through the range of Peugeot accessory brochures via our online shop, you can also check out the latest videos on the Peugeot UK YouTube channel below. These videos show off the latest accessories available for some of the most popular Peugeot models including the 208 and 308.

Peugeot Replacement Parts

As well as offering a comprehensive range of Peugeot vehicles and service options, Yeomans Peugeot also has a decade of experience in bringing you authentic Peugeot parts and accessories for your vehicle. All parts fitted are those designed specifically for your Peugeot model, ensuring that it will fit and work perfectly in order to enhance your car's performance.

Parts and accessories are fitted at our well-equipped workshops, which are attended by our Peugeot-trained engineers and technicians. They are kept up-to-date through regular training, which keeps them knowledgeable on all of the newest parts operations and installation techniques from Peugeot.

We offer genuine Peugeot parts to you at competitive market rates, making Yeomans Peugeot affordable and cost-efficient for you. Visit our dealerships in Hastings and Worthing if you would like to ask our staff members for more information. Alternatively, speak to us on the phone, or make an appointment through our online enquiry form.

We also run The Peugeot Shop, which offers full listings of our available parts listed by model, as well as reduced-price parts for those on a budget. We take pride in our service operation, and make sure that every order you place with us is thoroughly checked before it is dispatched to you.