Compare PEUGEOT funding options

When you buy a vehicle from Yeomans PEUGEOT you can choose a variety of different finance methods:

  • Traditional Finance: You pay a single deposit followed by monthly payments which have been agreed beforehand, and then you own the car outright.
  • Passport: You pay a deposit, followed by smaller monthly payments. You also have the choice during this period of returning the car to us and taking on a brand new PEUGEOT vehicle every two to three years, if you so choose. Otherwise, you can pay a final payment, and then the car will belong to you.
  • Single payment: Purchase the car in one lump sum, and own the car immediately.

We keep our rates flexible for your convenience, and we are also transparent regarding every step of the purchase process. Our finance managers will talk you through the process, and inform you of your options fully before you make any final decisions.

Our Traditional Finance method is also known as Hire Purchase. You choose the amount of your initial deposit - usually between ten and 50 percent of the overall price of the chosen car. You then decide with us the amount of time you would like to make monthly payments; this is usually between 12 and 48 months. The monthly payments will be calculated in line with your personal budget, and once you have agreed upon this, you can drive the car away. At the end of the process, once all payments are completed you own the car fully.

Yeomans PEUGEOT Passport gives you a wide range of flexibility over the PEUGEOT cars that you choose to drive, as well as giving you the option to commit to a car if you wish. As part of the Passport package, Vehicle Excise Duty will be included for the first year. Additionally, PEUGEOT's three-year warranty is included as standard. Peugeot Assistance in association with the RAC is also active during this time to give you the broadest range of vehicle purchase benefits.

As your Yeomans PEUGEOT Passport period comes to the end of its term, we will discuss what course of action you wish to take. A final payment will transfer the ownership of the car to you, or you can return the car to us with no further payments made.

Alternatively, you could part exchange your car for a new vehicle, and begin the process again with a brand new PEUGEOT vehicle. This allows you to enjoy PEUGEOT's latest vehicles in a cost-effective manner.


PEUGEOT Van Finance
- We have a choice of finance options available for business users purchasing vans, including Hire Purchase, Van Leasing and Contract Hire.

If you have any questions regarding our finance plans and packages and how they can benefit you, contact Yeomans PEUGEOT today. We have on-site finance specialists who are always happy to give you advice or answer any of your enquiries. Visit our premises in Eastbourne or Worthing, speak to us over the phone, or make an appointment through our online enquiry form to find the finance package that is right for you.