Electric FAQs

Electric vehicles have various differences to conventional combustion engines, meaning there is often some confusion about the way they work, as well as costs, charging, maintenaince and performance. Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions to help our customers understand the PEUGEOT Electic range.

What vehicles are in the PEUGEOT Electric range?

As of right now there are two fully electric vehicles in the PEUEGOT range: the e-208, the e-2008. As for plug-in hybrid vehicles there's a choice of the 3008 SUV, 508 and 508 SW. PEUGEOT are committed to making all models in the PEUGEOT range electrified by 2023.

What environmental impact do you have?

PEUGEOT are committed to making as little environmental impact possible, re-imaging processes, wider business operations, including offices and production plants, reducing CO2 and NOX and also ensuring that the full life cycle of those vehicles and components is environmental as it can be.

How do I know if Electric would suit my needs?

Here at PEUGEOT our strategy is to provide the customer with choices, whether it be petrol, diesel, electric or plug-in hybrid we will do our best to find the car that suits an individual driver’s wants and needs. If you want to be more environmentally conscious it means the style or size of the vehicles isn't compromised.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

The cost of charging an electric vehicle depends on where you charge the vehicle and the cost of your electricity. Although the majority of customers install a chargepoint at their home, using public charging stations is another option, some are free to use, others have variable charges.

Where can I get a chargepoint?

If you have off street parking you are fully approved under the government Homecharge scheme, benefitting from a grant funding of £500 towards the cost. Pod Point is our charging partner, they can assist with installing a charging point at your home. For more information, visit https://pod-point.com/products/homecharge

Is battery performance affected with age?

It is normal for battery performance to degrade over time with use, however this is minimal. From a warranty perspective, 70% of the vehicle is covered over 8 years. This is a significant difference from that of the UK government Plug In Grant of 70% over 5 years.

Does PEUGEOT offer battery rental?

PEUGEOT does not currently offer battery rental. You can have peace of mind with your battery, included in the price of the vehicle is an 8 year, 100,000 miles warranty.

Can EVs tow?

PEUGEOT electric vehicles currently cannot tow.

What's the cost difference of an EV versus a conventional vehicle?

Initially Electric vehicles are more expensive to buy but the running costs are much lower, and there are tax benefits and other incentives.

What plugs do the Electric vehicles use?

New generation vehicles are equipped with CCS (Combined charging system) sockets, so they can be charged from a standard Type 2 chargepoint, a domestic plug socket, or a public rapid charger. Our plug-in hybrids have Type 2 sockets - as they don't need to be rapidly charged.

Why are there different plugs for different cars?

Domestic plugs differ between different continents, and they all have different charging standards, any of the first Electric vehicles brought into the UK came from Asia and adopted the Japanese standards, known as Type 1 and CHAdeMO. However, these are gradually being phased out in Europe, with most manufactures have adopted European standard sockets called Type 2 and CCS.

What do I do if something goes wrong with the battery?

Replacing the cost of a battery can be expensive which is why we provide an exceptionally long traction battery warranty! For the first 100,000 miles or 8 years your battery will be covered by a manufactured warranty, subject to our standard T&Cs, such as ensuring your vehicle is serviced at the right time. The cost of batteries has decreased very significantly over the past 8 years and will continue to do so. This is partly due to reducing costs of raw materials as electric vehicles become more popular and volume increases.

How can I charge my vehicle if I don't have off street parking?

Unfortunately, you cannot benefit from the government's Homecharge grant scheme, however there are numerous ways to charge your vehicle if you don’t have off street parking. The first option is at your workplace, the government offers grant funding for workplaces to install a charge point. To find out more on government grant funding visit our charging partner Pod Point: https://pod-point.com/products/homecharge. The second charging option is public charge points. An extensive number of public charging points are available across the country- many are free to use. Find charging points in your area here: www.zap-map.com. A third charging option involves local councils providing charging points for residents that must park on the street. Some London boroughs have introduced lamppost charging already.

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