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Driving an electric vehicle like the Nissan LEAF offers plenty of benefits, and with considerable investment planned for charging infrastructure in the UK, you'll be able to recharge with complete convenience.

To begin charging, simply connect your car to a power source and wait until the lithium-ion battery is restored to the level that you require.

If you're in a rush then you can take advantage of a rapid charging system, using the car's satellite navigation, which charges your vehicle to 80 percent capacity in around 30 minutes.

For more information on charging your Nissan LEAF at home, or on the road, please see below.

Charging a Nissan LEAF at home

When you agree to purchase a Nissan LEAF, Yeomans Nissan will organise the installation of a home charging point from British or Scottish Gas. The unit will be set up in the most suitable location at your residence, after a free inspection.

The home charging unit allows you to charge your car at 16 amps, rather than the standard 10 amps, which can reduce the overall charging time by up to four hours. After eight hours, once your car is fully charged, you can simply unplug the cable and drive your car away.

Charging a Nissan LEAF out and about

Your Nissan LEAF comes complete with a six-metre cable, which can be plugged into a public charging station to restore your car to full capacity in just 12 hours. If you're driving in unfamiliar terrain there's no need to worry – all Nissan LEAF cars have an exclusive navigation system which displays the nearest charging station.

If no nearby public charging station is available you can charge your car at a domestic point, as long as it complies with the electrical wiring standards and regulations. And, if necessary, you can also charge the car with electric vehicle supply equipment – Nissan recommends you use an electrical circuit and outlet.


You can contact your local authority to find out about current and future charging points in your area. Get in touch with Yeomans Nissan to learn more about the Nissan LEAF, and our electric vehicle services.