Honda achieves top 20 ranking amongst the world's best brands

  • Honda rises to 20th place in the latest Interband Study
  • Honda's brand value has now increased to $22.696 billion
  • Now recognisable as the fourth biggest global automotive brand
  • Brand value has increased by 31% over the last five years
  • According to research by Interbrand in its latest 'Best Global Brands' Honda is now one of the world's top 10 brands now it has moved up by 3% with an Interbrand value at $22.696 billion.

Philip Ross, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe; 'The power of the Honda brand highlights our influential position in the market. A diverse range of new products, from the zero-emissions Clarity Fuel Cell to the award-winning Honda Civic Type R, showcase the significance of advanced technology to the Honda brand. The recently-announced 'Electric Vision' will fast-track a major brand advancement, bringing to market a host of new electrified vehicles from 2018.'

Honda has confirmed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show that electrified technology is going to appear in every new car model launched in Europe. At a global level, Honda aims to have electrified technology in two-thirds of its new car sales by 2030. Honda Motor Company CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, made the commitment as he unveiled the Urban EV Concept vehicle, setting the direction for a new Honda electric car that will arrive in product form in Europe 2019.

Honda's brand power is beyond automotive as its bolstered by its advanced product range spanning aircraft, motorcycles and power equipment. This entirely reinforces its position at the largest engine manufacturer in the world.

The light HondaJet set a new Miami-Panama speed record in April 2017 that is recognised by the National Aeronautical Association and celebrated global first-quarter deliveries that surpassed any other jet in its class. Everywhere else, Honda's expertise in robotics and autonomy helped it to launch the ingenious Miimo lawnmower in 2016. It is known to recharge itself in an electric docking station and can intelligently follow the landscape of a garden quietly whilst cutting the grass.

Interbrand's 'Best Global Brands; the study is now in its 18th year. With report analyses showing how brand power can determine the success of a company, simply by focusing on the financial performance of its products and services. Especially within the role of the brand in customer purchase decisions and the overall strength of the brand.