01 New Honda CR-V Introducing Honda's largest SUV to date - the Honda CR-V Hybrid. This remarkable vehicle sets the standard with its opulent interiors, seamless technology, and captivating aesthetics. Register your interest today to be the first to find out more.
02 Exterior design The perfect combination of the classic SUV design and Honda’s classic Hybrid luxuries, the CR-V is sure to be a head-turner on the roads. From the automatic touch handles to privacy glass windows and self-charging hybrid systems; the new Honda CR-V is sure to be one of Honda's most comprehensive and rugged models.
05 Safety & technology Safety is key with the CR-V. One of the most impressive features of Honda’s is their sensing allowing your vehicle to read the road signs and conditions before you do, but with the new Honda Sensing 360 with additional sensors and cameras, you are provided with 360 protection. This Honda hybrid completely changes the meaning of a smart car. Its automatic touch handle system allows you to simply unlock your vehicle when holding your key. Inside you'll find the CONNECT 9” infotainment system with smartphone connectivity and wireless charging, seat memory technology, AND adaptive driving beams to give you the best vision when you drive.