Why Go Electric? We at Yeomans Honda are proud to be able to support motorists in finding the ideal solution at all times. As such, we’ll be able to help you make the change from petrol/diesel power to electric, advising on all the benefits and opportunities such a switch brings.

The benefits of buying an electric or hybrid car

Buying an electric or hybrid vehicle comes with a number of benefits, enabling you to take advantage of everything from improved running costs to lower maintenance charges. In fact, when you opt for an electric car, you will be able to experience running costs that average between 2-4p per mile, while zero CO2 emissions mean you can take to the road with a clear conscience. Fewer moving parts in the engine mean there is less that can go wrong, and exemption from road tax helps ensure you can take to the road for even better value for money. ​

The types of electric and hybrid vehicles explained

When looking to move away from traditional combustion engine performance, it pays to understand the various options that are available. At Yeomans Honda, we’re delighted to detail the various vehicle types there are to choose from. 

100% electric

All-electric vehicles are just that - all electric. Powered solely by a battery-powered motor, such models require charging at suitable outlets either in public or at home. They offer impressive range and emit zero CO2. 

Plug-in hybrid

The perfect combination of electric and petrol/diesel power, a plug-in hybrid requires the battery to be plugged in to charge. This is then able to power the vehicle for a limited range, switching from fuel power seamlessly.


Unlike plug-in hybrid models, self-charging options make use of technology known as regenerative braking, enabling it to convert energy normally lost when braking into an electrical charge for the battery, thus improving efficiency. 

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Our frequently asked questions provide answers to some of the most common queries raised when opting for an electric or hybrid car. If, however, your issue is not covered, feel free to contact us at Yeomans Honda today to discuss in person.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

Electric vehicle charging times vary from model to model, as well as based on the charging point being used. Our sales advisors will detail precise charge times at the time of purchase.

Are electric cars expensive to run?

Electric cars are actually relatively inexpensive to run. The average cost per mile ranges between 2-4p, while there’s no road tax and lower maintenance charges. As such, the overall cost of running is more affordable than petrol/diesel equivalents.

Will an electric car suit my lifestyle?

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Yes. The change to electric motoring will suit any lifestyle, with the ample range, incredible style, and cutting-edge technology meaning you have everything you need for enjoyable motoring.

How do I charge an electric car?

You will be provided with suitable charging cables at the time of purchase, and have the opportunity to install a dedicated charging point in your home. Plus, there are thousands of public charging points that offer fast charging solutions.

Where are my nearest electric vehicle charging points?

Finding the nearest electric vehicle charging point is simple, with the Zap Map detailing your proximity to the closest location.

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