Honda Electric and Hybrid Page

As manufacturers look towards more environmentally-friendly ways of powering their cars, electric power has started to become more popular. And 2020 will see Honda release its first all-electric model - the E supermini. But not only does Honda battery-powered options, but it also has a range of hybrid cars that combine fuel and electric power.

Honda itself is planning to have its whole European line-up electrified by the end of 2022 - with the upcoming all-new Jazz to be offered solely as a hybrid. That leaves the Civic and HR-V, and both are set to offer hybrid versions in the near-future.

Of the current offerings, the CR-V is the only hybrid car currently available. But with that you get all-wheel drive, 3 drive modes to suit the situation you’re in and plenty of practicality with seating for five alongside lots of storage space.

The Honda e is leading the charge for an electric future with Honda. The cute city car is crammed with technology, including the five-screen dashboard, while its compact dimensions will make it very easy for those living in town to get about - all while producing no emissions.

The 2020 Honda Jazz is set to be a great successor to the current model. Now an petrol-electric hybrid, the Jazz comes in two forms - the standard model and the crossover-styled Crosstar. It comes with the new Honda CONNECT infotainment setup and the latest technology from the Honda Sensing safety technologies.