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Genuine Parts 

​Genuine parts guarantee high quality, safety and a 12-month warranty. Whether its brake discs, pads or oil filters your Vauxhall Retailer can supply the genuine parts needed for your vehicle. 

Genuine parts give you peace of mind and ensure safety on the road. Here are some reasons as to why buying genuine parts is extremely beneficial:

  • Non Genuine parts cannot be guaranteed to fit properly or be of the same high quality, Vauxhall Genuine parts are designed and manufactured to fit your Vauxhall.
  • Our genuine parts are manufactured using the most current and up to date processes and technologies
  • Original equipment- specification parts, as fitted in the factory 
  • Vauxhall genuine parts have a minimum 12-months' warranty ( 2 years on starter batteries, shock absorbers and exhausts) 


Ensuring your tyres are road-worthy and in good condition is imperative for not only safety on the road but tyres in bad condition can also affect fuel efficiency and performance.

It is recommended that you replace your tyre when it has 3mm of tread left. The legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm, however there is a substantial difference in stopping distance from 3mm to 1.6mm, as an example, when travelling at 50mph in wet conditions there is an 8-metre difference in stopping distance between the two treads.

We don't just change Vauxhall vehicle tyres, we change tyres on any brand or make of vehicle. You can now buy tyres online and have them fitted at Yeomans Vauxhall Littlehampton.


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