Join the Electric Streets Campaign

Vauxhall has initiated the Electric Streets of Britain campaign, designed to support the 40% of households without off-street parking who are thinking of making the switch to electric. Through collaboration with charge point operators and local councils, Vauxhall's objective is to accelerate the deployment of on-street residential charging infrastructure all across the United Kingdom.

Vauxhall need your help, whether you own an electric vehicle or you are thinking of purchasing one in the future, we want to hear from you! Simply complete the form below, and highlight the need of residential charging on your street. From the data, Vauxhall will be able to identify across the United Kingdom areas of current and future demands, and share the data with councils to help them make informed investment decisions.


The Electric Future

In the UK, the current plan outlined is the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be stopped by 2030. With this in mind, at Vauxhall we want to ensure the relevant infrastructure for charging is in place including an accessible charging network throughout Britain. The convenience of home charging stands as a pivotal aspect influencing whether drivers opt for electric vehicles.

Vauxhall have conducted a comprehensive survey encompassing all UK councils to gauge their readiness for this transition. Your participation in our survey can assist our efforts with local councils and charge point operators, to accelerate the implantation of the charging infrastructure.


How You Can Help

Vauxhall has introduced a database that enables every driver to express their interest in the installation of residential charging points on their street. This information will be shared by Vauxhall with local councils and charging operators, ensuring that investments are directed towards the appropriate regions.

By completing the survey it will enables Vauxhall to gain the required information to help ensure that charging infrastructure is in place and ready.


What Else Are Vauxhall Doing?

Vauxhall have partnered with leading on-street charging operators, Connected Kerb and SureCharge, to support the campaign.

These partners have access to funding from Vauxhall to support their efforts in rolling out the charging infrastructure and educating the local councils on the best way.


Vauxhall's Exclusive Research

According to exclusive data collated by Vauxhall, more than 70% of UK councils do not currently have a published strategy in place for the installation of residential on-street charging.

The findings come from a Freedom of Information request submitted to 414 councils and local authorities across the UK. See how many on-street residential chargers are due to be installed in the South East, which includes Littlehampton in the next 12 months:

South East Population: 9,278,000 (data correct as of 2021)

Additional charge points estimated to be installed this year: 1,937

How many of these are classed as on-street residential charge points: 1,052 (54%)


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