Škoda Connect Service Scheduling 

Nominate Yeomans Š​koda as your Service Partner

With Škoda Connect Service Scheduling, there's no need to worry about having to remember when to book your next service. Once you have selected your preferred Yeomans Š​koda dealership as your Service Partner in the MyŠ​koda app, your vehicle will report any required servicing and the information will be sent to us. Once we have received the details of your servicing requirements, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an appointment. It really is that easy!

Use our step-by-step guide below to nominate your local Yeomans Škoda dealership as your Service Partner.

Nominate Your Yeomans Škoda Service Partner

Step 1

Tap the 'Inspect' icon on the MyŠkoda app. Scroll down and click 'Service Partner'.

Step 2

You will then be able to search for your preferred Yeomans Škoda service centre in your area of choice.

Step 3

Click on your preferred centre to see its details. Once you're happy, tap 'Choose' to select them as your Service Partner.

Step 4

When it asks 'Turn on Service Scheduling?' choose 'Yes'. This means your car will automatically inform your Service Partner when it needs to to be serviced.

Step 5

When your car needs to be serviced, you will automatically be contacted by your chosen Service Partner to book an appointment.

Step 6

Sit back and relax! You can rest assured knowing your servicing is being taken care of, giving you one less thing to worry about.

For more information on Škoda Connect Service Scheduling, please contact your local Yeomans Škoda dealership and speak to our experts.

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Yeomans Škoda Indian Queens 01726 862360

Terms and conditions apply. The Škoda Connect services can be operated only by using available public communication technologies. Please note that due to development of these technologies, especially mobile networks, Škoda Auto cannot guarantee consistent availability in all countries for the duration of Škoda Connect services. Possible changes in technology may cause permanent unavailability of them. #42257