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History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015

Toyota will continue their record when the 45th editions opens to the public on the 27th October. Toyota has been an integral element of every Tokyo Motor Show from its inauguration in 1954. Building up anticipation for the event, Toyota have already published three decade-sized posts that explain the important new models, ideas and concept vehicles that they have revealed at each show. This final posts looks at the years from 1995 to 2015.

1995: 31st Tokyo Motor Show

Thanks to the efforts of the exhibitors and improvement of event management the Tokyo Motor Show became particularly spectacular in 1995, including the relaxation of some exhibition rules. Toyota have exhibited many of their unique innovative car designs for people to feel happier about maintaining a harmonious balance between people, society and earth. The centre of attention was the Prius concept when the open-top and mid-engine MRJ. Toyota's 'Forest of Toyota' conservation project is an experimental Moguls concept with self-levelling suspension was displayed to help tree planting and forest management.

In the technical corner, Toyota has presented its Intelligent Transport System that was developed through a partnership between industry, government and academia. Toyota has shown their adaptability of its emerging hybrid technology by exhibiting the Coaster Hybrid Electric bus concept to the Japanese Electric Vehicle Association.

1997: 32nd Tokyo Motor Show

For the last time, both passenger and commercial vehicles will share the same space, even though it remained in the traditional format with new ideas being introduced to certain visitors. This section was entitled: Cars Featured in Memorable Movies. Toyota emphasised its innovative and people-friendly approach to car making for the 21st century. The Prius was the worlds first hybrid production car and was Toyota's commitment to developing the ultimate eco-car.

1999: 33rd Tokyo Motor Show

With the dedication to passenger cars and motorcycles (next year the 34th show would be dedicated to commercial vehicles), eyes were drawn to the environmental technologies presented by a diverse selection of exhibitors. Toyota wanted to demonstrate the endless joy that cars can offer people and emphasised its commitment to the environment, safety and Intelligent Transport System. The HV-M4 minivans included with a newly developed four-wheel drive hybrid system, the mid-size Opa design concept and the WiLL Vi supermini. Displayed in the technical corner, fuel cell components and the newly developed E-Four hybrid systems were on show.​

History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015
History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015
History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015
History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015

2003: 37th Tokyo Motor Show

The spectator event has turned into a more interactive show by including passenger test-drives of clean energy vehicles. Toyota demonstrated their consideration for people and the environment, with the essential appeal of automobiles. Toyota are now tending to future social needs through proactive car-making and improving the environmental and driving performance of advanced hybrid systems. The cars include the concept of hybrid models, including the Fine-N fuel cell hybrid vehicle, including the CS&S hybrid sports car and SU-HV1.

2005: 39th Tokyo Motor Show

The event featured many world premieres marking the 50th anniversary of Tokyo's first Motor Show with advanced environmental and safety technologies. Toyota have addressed the company's efforts to the environment and the essential appeal of automobiles, including the joy of driving and delight of utility. The cars at the show included the highly manoeuvrable Fine-X fuel cell hybrid concept, the new-generation Estima Hybrid prototype, and the i-swing personal mobility unit that came close to being a 'wearable' vehicle.

2007: 40th Tokyo Motor Show

The passenger car and commercial vehicle were re-integrated this year with the new components parts section to form the most comprehensive show ever. Toyota demonstrates their environmental commitment to sustainable mobility, the joy of driving and the delight of utility. This includes the revolutionary plug-in, the I-REAL personal mobility vehicle, and the efficiently packaged iQ prototype that challenged interior packaging perceptions.

2009: 41st Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota wanted to showcase the fun element of the cars in addition to ongoing environmental concerns with the rear wheel drive FT-86 sports concept to combine the joy of driving and the pleasure of ownership. A Prius Plug-in prototype and small FT-EV II electric vehicle were displayed at the show for the emission control and energy diversification measures.

2011: 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show returned to the capital after 24 years at Makuhari Messe in Chiba attracting over 60,000 visitors per day. Visitors were also permitted to test-drive some of the exhibited vehicles at the Toyota Mega Web Theme Park. Toyota presented the Fun-Vii concept that combined the relationship between people, cars and society, and the compact GT86, a rear-wheel-drive sports car designed to reawaken the spirit of the classic AE86. Presenting a variety of next-generation environmental cars, including the Prius Plug-in.

An event was hosted by Japan's association of automobile manufacturers to feature the Smart Mobility City. Toyota portrayed a near-future for society where cars are connected with society to enable efficient power management at home and convenient transport when out and about.

2013: 43rd Tokyo Motor Show

Under the slogan ' Fun to drive again' Toyota displayed five world premiere vehicles this year to continue Toyota's vision for a future society that values the joy of driving. All vehicles on display contributed positively to society while creating ever-better cars that exceeded expectations. The display of vehicles included the FCV fuel cell concept to the production of the Mirai, then the next generation taxi designed with usability and hospitality in mind to connect with its driver. It featured the Aqua G Sport compact sports hybrid, the I-Road personal mobility vehicle and the convertible FT-86 Open concept.

2015: 44th Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota has revealed three very different visions of future mobility concept cars. These vehicles displayed ground-breaking technology, others seeking to strengthen the emotional bond between car and driver. The all-new fourth-generation Prius, the compact C-HR hybrid crossover and the FCV Plus fuel concept to incorporate the vision of a hydrogen-based society.

History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015
History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015
History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015
History of Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: 1995-2015