Capture the Peaks of Europe

On the road with Toyota 4x4 Ambassador @lebackpacker

In May, Toyota Europe's new 4x4 Ambassador, Johan Lolo a travel adventure photographer set off on a five-month road trip to capture the Peaks of Europe. This amazing photography project will take Johan through Europe starting from Northen Norway, Iceland, the Greek Islands and then into the Alps. We were able to catch up with Johan when on his way back from his travels when preparing to head South.

Meet @ lebackpacker

The Belgian adventure traveller Johan Lolos is better known as @lebackpacker. From previous years, he has turned his passion into a profession as he now travels the world the hope to see the most dramatic settings and natural sceneries to capture.

In addition to his Instagram account, his work can be accessed via National Geographic Traveller, GQ, Spiegel Online, Buzz Feed and the Daily Mail.

To support himself further, Toyota Europe have Johan made its 4x4 Ambassador. As part of the coalition, Toyota will supply him with the suitable and reliable 4x4's needed to take Johan on his trip to assist him in capturing the perfect shot.

Capturing the Peaks of Europe

From the middle of May, Johan started his ambitious five-month road trip across Europe. The goal of project is to capture the natural beauty and variety of Europe. At the beginning of the five-month journey, Johan set foot in some of the most remote and dramatic areas of Northern Europe - Scotland, Northern Norway and Iceland.

The next part of the journey took Johan for a month in Greece before heading north to the Balkans. He decided to then spend roughly two months in and around the Alps.

A Hilux fit for adventure

Johan relied on two rugged Land Cruisers at the first part of his journey in Scotland and Iceland. Throughout his stay in Norway, he thoroughly enjoyed his Hilux Artic Truck. To continue on his travels Johan will be driving the Toyota Hilux that has been fully equipped with the necessary requirements and necessities to tackle any terrain and turning the Hilux into a home for the road.

Follow Johan’s journey via his Instagram account: