Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Do you want a car that maximises fuel efficiency or looking for a smoother or quieter way of driving when minimising emissions. There is a long list to explain how our seven Hybrid models can make the difference in your life.

Life's easy in a Hybrid, just get in and drive

The Hybrid cars have been designed to be easy peasy to drive. Get going with a noise free start up when you press the power button and a prompt that you are ready to go. The Hybrid system controls itself as all Hybrid cars are automatic, you can just slot the gear lever in Drive and enjoy seamless power on every trip.

Hybrid: Two engines working in Tandem

When driving in our Hybrid cars you'll enjoy hearing an almost silent drive as the quiet electric power delivers you around town. The electric will bend seamlessly with efficient petrol-power at higher speeds and at the moment you need it the most, the two engines work together to power you ahead.​

Batteries that never need to be plugged in

Don't worry about how far you have to travel in our Hybrid cars, you just need to fill up with fuel and continue on your way, just as you would normally in a conventional car. When the battery reaches it's low the excess power from the engine charges back up again. It doesn't stop there, whenever you brake, energy is recycled back to charge the battery too, so nothing is wasted!

enjoy seamless power on every journey
Two engines that work in tandem
Batteries that never need to be plugged in

There's a Hybrid for Everyone

Toyota's Hybrid story began in 1997 with the innovator: the award winning Prius. We have now grown our Hybrid family with seven different models to choose from to suit anyone and everyone's needs. If you're a city slicker looking for some urban wheels or expanding your family and find it difficult to squeeze everyone in, then the Yaris to the Auris and the Prius to the Touring Sports will provide you with your Hybrid answer.

Easy on your wallet and the environment

You will appreciate how much money you can save on a Hybrid than just sitting behind the steering wheel. Toyota's best-selling Hybrid cars can feel at home in the city by simply switching off their engines as often as they can to save you money. With low fuel-consumption comes low emissions; the Hybrid cars can boast some of the lowest C02 emissions in their classes and very low levels of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

There is a Hybrid for everyone