Your guide to the September plate change

How does the system work?

The registration number that is assigned to every new car contains information that identifies the age of the car and where it was registered. The number plate system was updated in 2002 and since then there has been a plate change every six months in March and September. Since March this year, the third and fourth digits of the number plate of every new car have been ‘15’ to denote the year of registration. In September, this number will change from ‘15’ to ‘65’. 

How will this affect me?

Many customers prefer to wait until September to purchase a new car in order to have the latest number plate. Demand is high for the first few weeks of a new number plate release, particularly among brand new models such as the exciting Honda Civic Type-R and the adventurous CR-V. It may be worth choosing a car ahead of time and registering your interest with your local Yeomans Honda dealership.

 The number plate change also means that ‘15’ plate vehicles may be subject to additional special offers. If you are happy to purchase a car with this number plate, please contact your nearest Yeomans dealership to find out about the current stock and what deals are available. 

What should I do?

If you have any questions or would like more information about the September registration plate change, please call your nearest Yeomans Honda dealership to speak to a member of the team. To find out about the brand new models we have in stock, please browse the website or call your local Yeomans Honda dealership to arrange a test drive.