​The Rebirth of the Honda Civic​

​It’s easy to forget the importance of the Honda Civic to Honda itself – and the manufacturer dedication to resources developed for the current model.​

Honda Civic
The new Civic had to be right for all stake holders, not just for head office, but for dealers and customers.

During the global credit crunch in 2007 Honda suffered financially, a $3 billion cut was taken from its research and development budget as they took refuge against the ongoing financial storm and refused to take support from state subsidies.

Honda was then further impacted by the 2011 Japanese tsunami which damaged the parts supply chain for Hondas UK car production, adding to company and manufacturing gloom.

“2015 was Honda’s renaissance,” said a spokesman. Introducing a revised CR-V, Civic, New Jazz and HR-V, in addition to the 10th iteration of the Civic beginning. With as many as a third of Honda’s engineers involved it was the single biggest R&D project in the brand’s history.

The new car needed to be right for all stakeholders; not just head office, but for dealers and ultimately the customers.The new car plant in Swindon began production and has been producing the new Civic for 80 countries and continues to do so.

Honda hails its reliability to its Honda Sensing (suite of safety and driver assist feature), Apple CarPlay, and class-leading boot space in the fight against its competitors.In the C-segment, the Civic lies sixth place, a spot it’s held all year as it gains in popularity.