Honda Hybrid myth busters!

For today’s savvy and environmentally conscious driver, the range of hybrid models on the market offers something for everyone. At Yeomans Honda, we have extensive experience in selling, servicing and supporting hybrid vehicles and want to pass on our expertise to our customers with a series of myth busters:

MYTH: Hybrids are more expensive to run

TRUTH: Hybrids will actually cut your fuel bill and save you money. Hybrids require less fuel to drive the same distance - better for your wallet and the environment.

MYTH: You can’t go very far in a Hybrid as it will need charging

TRUTH: There is no need to plug in a Honda hybrid and, therefore, there is no need to worry about finding a charging station or installing a charger at home. The engine will charge the battery automatically while running so all you have to do is fill up the petrol tank like normal.

MYTH: Hybrids are more difficult to drive

TRUTH: Honda Hybrids switch seamlessly between electric power at lower speeds and petrol-power at higher cruising speeds. The car knows which mode is most efficient, so Honda drivers don’t have to do a thing!

MYTH: Hybrids have no power

TRUTH: Hybrids have the same power as a normal engine. For extra acceleration or additional power, both the petrol engine and electric motor work together to propel the vehicle.

Honda Hybrids deliver responsive performance with excellent economy with much lower emissions. Currently available at Yeomans Honda is the CR-V Hybrid, a premium, versatile and spacious SUV which uses an i-MMD two motor system with three different drive modes: Electric, Hybrid and Engine Drive.

Electric Drive powers solely from batteries, delivering a quiet and low emissions experience. In Hybrid Drive, petrol supplies power to the electric generator, which in turn powers the motor and diverts excess power back through to recharge the battery. Engine Drive is powered by the petrol engine with an ‘on-demand’ peak-power ‘boost’ available from the electric motor.

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