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New Citroën Dispatch

Advanced, well equipped and effortlessly functional, NEW CITROËN DISPATCH is designed for professionals. Built on a new modular platform, this is a vehicle that delivers more practicality, extra comfort and cutting edge safety.

The all-new modular platform means that NEW CITROËN DISPATCH is available in three lengths. The XS is just 4.6 m long – a usefully compact first in this segment. M is 4.94 m and XL* is 5.3 m.

Naturally, NEW CITROËN DISPATCH is available in the tried and tested 4.94m* and 5.3 m lengths,but it also comes as the all-new compact 4.6 m XS. Just like the M and XL models, the XS has a payload of up to 1,400 kg* and a capacity of up to 5.1 m3*, plus a usable load floor of up to 3.3 m. Being shorter, it can squeeze into tighter spaces and manoeuvre with surprising ease. The XS is also available on NEW CITROËN DISPATCH COMBI, which offers seating for up to 9 people or 4.5 m3 of load space with the seats removed.

Citroen Dispatch Van Lifestyle
Citroen Dispatch Van Lifestyle
Citroen Dispatch Van Lifestyle

With a height of 1.9 m*, NEW CITROËN DISPATCH can access all kinds of places that are off limits for rival vans. From underground car parks to airports and shopping centres, you’re now able to enter!

To maximise the space and versatility in NEW CITROËN DISPATCH, Moduwork® provides a load-through bulkhead and folding side passenger seat. This extends the load length in XL versions up to a full 4 m. You’ll also find an anti-shift net on the driver’s side for extra safety. The interior of NEW CITROËN DISPATCH also converts seamlessly into your mobile office. The central armrest incorporates a pivoting table with a sturdy elastic retainer that’s ideal for securing your tablet or laptop. You can add holders for smartphones and tablets from the range of dedicated accessories. This is an interior that offers genuine comfort too, with plenty of legroom for all passengers – even more in versions with the piloted manual gearbox.

For more information about the Citroen Dispatch van please contact Yeomans Exeter, Plymouth, Fareham or Torquay by calling or using the enquiry button at the top of this page.

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