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New Abarth cars from Yeomans of Eastbourne

The Abarth range is very select, consisting of a limited number of cars, each of which delivers effortless Italian style and sporty sophistication. Some vehicles in the collection come in different variants and trim levels too, offering extra choice for a wider range of tastes and budgets.

The collection begins with the Abarth 595, a diminutive hot-hatch that is a performance-driven iteration of the classic Fiat 500 and comes with loads of personality. Also based upon that iconic Italian city car is the 695 Biposto, which is also a variant of the 695 Asseto Corse, a two-seater racing car. No talk of Abarth vehicles should go without mentioning the 124 Spider, a drop-dead gorgeous and extremely vigorous two-seater roadster.

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