Car Financing from Eastbourne Abarth

We like to make it easy for as many people as possible to enjoy the privilege of owning an Abarth car. To that end, we offer a range of finance and leasing options to help motorists achieve their goal of driving a vehicle that has been produced by the esteemed Italian automobile manufacturer.

Our packages include Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), a flexible solution that typically runs between 24 and 48 months. PCP allows you to make a deposit amount of your choosing; the more you put down, the less you then need to pay in equal monthly instalments – and vice versa. If you decide to keep the car at the end of the agreement, you will need to make a final ‘balloon payment’. Alternatively, you can hand the vehicle back to us or you can exchange it for a new model.

Another popular solution is Hire Purchase, which requires the payment of fixed-rate monthly instalments over a length of time chosen by you. Once all the payments have been made, the car is yours.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a great option for motorists who wish to drive a car for an extended period of time without actually owning it. You simply need to agree the length of the term and pay a fixed monthly fee for the duration. PCH is a good way to avoid dealing with the issue of depreciation – when the agreement has finished, you simply hand the car back to us.

Similar to PCH is Business Contract Hire, which we provide for our fleet customers; please refer to the business section of our website for more information.

Please click on the relevant links below to learn more about the advantages of each finance and leasing option. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to phone or visit our Eastbourne showroom to speak to one of our friendly and expert advisors.