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You can receive an extra £1,800 over and above any other offers, don't miss out!

In recent months older diesel cars have come under scrutiny from the UK Government (and mainstream press) for the levels of harmful emissions that they produce. Thanks to billions of pounds of investment by motor manufacturers the latest Euro 6 diesels are the cleanest and safest ever!

Below are some facts that you should know about diesel when considering your next car.

The latest Euro 6 vehicles are the cleanest in history!

In 2016 - 1.3 MILLION new diesel cars were registered in the UK. This was a 0.6% increase from 2015, an increase that is continuing and expected to rise even further.

Diesel is critical to reducing CO2 emissions which helps in tackling climate change.

Diesel cars emit, on average 20% lower CO2 than petrol equivalents.

A new Euro 6 bus emits 95% LESS NOx on the road than a Euro 5 bus, according to the Transport for London.

Drivers of Euro 6 vehicles will be exempt from the London Ultra Low emission Zone that comes into force in 2019, this is due to the new Euro 6 vehicles being classed as low emission. This not only effects those who travel in to central London but also those locally who travel in to central Southampton when its Clean Air Strategy is due to be enforced by 2019/2020.

So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to not only go green but to save yourself thousands of pounds, as well as receiving an extra £1,800 on top of all other offers.

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Scrappage Bonus applicable to customers part exchanging a vehicle that is at least 6 years old at the time of sale.Applies to Retail customers only, excludes National Fleet & Motability. The new car must be registered to the same name address as that shown on the V5 of the old vehicle, which must have been owned for at least 90 days. For orders placed from 1st July and Registered on or before 30 Sept 2017. Only one claim per customer

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